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Hundreds of different elements go into creating a video. Before we begin, it's important that I have a clear understanding of what you would like. Please answer the ten questions below so we can begin creating an estimate.

Note: Most of our video production is with a light footprint. It involves an interview-type video interspersed with footage (called B footage) to add visual interest. The B footage can consist of shots at your location, still images, or stock footage.

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1. How Long is the Video? 15-60 seconds 1-2 minutes unsure
Generally speaking, you want your video to be as short as possible while still conveying your message.

2. Do you have a script? Yes No
Writing a good script is worth the time and effort it takes. We often find that the scripts will need some adjustments as we shoot.

3. Where are the location(s)? My Studio; Your Location; Another Location
Do we need to acquire the locations or do you have them?

4. Does your video call for actors to appear on screen? provided employees, friends and family need to use an acting agency

5. Will the actors need: makeup? wardrobe? props?

6. Does your video call for special effects? special effects moving titles? 3D elements

7. Does your video call for a voice over? Yes No
Will you or one of your actors record explanations to accompany the visuals?

8. Does your video call for music? Yes No
Stock tracks can be purchased at reasonable rates. Original music can also be commissioned.

9. Do you need editing services? Yes No
Most clients want the footage edited. To do this, I use FinalCut Pro. A rough cut will be posted for you to review on the web. Using the rough cut, you would provide feedback on what you would like changed. A second rough cut is then posted for your to approve. After approval your final video will be tweaked by color grading, adding transitions and any sound issues corrected.

10. How detailed will you want the video to be? We all want to be proud of the finished video. That does not mean, however, that the video is without flaws. Does your video need to be amazing, very good, or are you not too concerned? Please describe.

Any Special Instructions:

Each video is customized to fit your particular needs. This estimate is a starting point to get the estimate process flowing. Other questions may arise such as hiring a producer, securing permits, and location scouting. Even though our studio is well equipped, there may be additional gear that is needed such as specialty lighting or a teleprompter.