Use Video to Extend Your Marketing Reach

Re-touching an image and adding a background:

Creating a composite image allows you to save time, achieve a more consistent and personalized look, and "virtually" appear in front of any background image you choose.
Advantages of using a Professional Photographer: Retouching to "look your best"

This short, time-lapse video illustrates photographer Paul Markert's personalized retouching process of a corporate portrait. First we touchup the skin and use as much photo enhancement as required. Minor or major improvements are made so that when viewed overall, it produces a pleasing result that reflects the person's looks on their best possible days. Many clients prefer a stock image over the traditional canvas backgrounds. The stock image can be selected from the Markert Photo's image library, a stock agency, or an image of their actual office space. There are several advantages to this process:

  1. It takes less time to take the portrait, saving the client's valuable time.
  2. The images will have a consistency to them when shooting multiple headshots.
  3. The final images will have a personalized look to them.
  4. The photo-shoot can take place virtually anywhere, in my studio, or a location of your choosing.