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Experience Minneapolis Photographer: Paul Markert

Markert Photography - Experience Paul Markert

Although he had been messing around in the dark room since he was ten, it wasn't until Paul turned eighteen that he consciously decided to pursue professional photography.

He deliberately sought work with some of the best photographers in Minneapolis and was exposed to product, food, room sets, location, people, and architecture. In 1999 he went on his own. It's been a great ride—Although Paul enjoys shooting a variety of projects, his forte is shooting people. — read more...

In Paul's own words: "Born in California and raised in Minnesota, I was surrounded by art throughout my childhood. My parents, in fact, met at an art class. My father is a commercial artist who has painted everything from restaurant walls to hot air balloons. My mother, although busy with me and my eight siblings, never stopped using her visual talents and filled the house with art.

My parent's studio at home held many good memories for me: the smell of the oil paints drying on the canvas, the dusty colored chalks that lingered in the air, and the mysterious chemicals in the darkroom that my parents set up for me."

Paul and his wife and children live near the chain of lakes in Minneapolis. They enjoy spending time together outdoors—Paul loves to fly-fish and bike in the summer and snowboard in the winter.

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